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03 May 2012, 12:20. Posted by Leave a comment

“Stagnant designs or fresh this year?”

How did you fare?  

“The market is very fickle.”

If you want to be a style designer then you need to have to take the fact that you will also be operating a business. That implies being able to spot opportunities as properly as sewing or cutting patterns — and there are far more mundane duties.  All of which combine to become a brand that is much more than “clothes”.  You’ll need to be capable to show powerful leadership and be prepared to stumble into a few pitfalls if you want to obtain any real achievement in the fashion industry.
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I'm planning to expand on this topic in the near future -- thanks for the messages

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"Stagnant designs or fresh this year?" How did you fare?   "The market is very fickle." If you .

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