Hottest Hairstyles from South America

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Short with layered bangs like this one can be done by any skilled stylist. This one is demonstrated by the Eddy James Salon in Studio City, California (


Like manicures, pedicures, and taxes, the requirement for a haircut and style is inescapable. Style your mane with two of today’s hottest hairstyles from South America:

The “Short Banger”Hairstyle

This hairstyle was most famous in Brazil first, then it traveled on to Argentina.  At some point, Hollywood went crazy with this one.  It seems best suited for those who can pull it off — but how do you know if it’s your hairstyle until you try it?

The “Casual Pullback”Hairstyle

The pull back with a couple floating bangs is a classic, however, it takes a great styling to make it seem so easy.

With the right cut and style, this one can be used at the beach, the yoga studio, with stilettos, or even when looking sexy using power tools in a white tanktop!

The casual pullback hairstyle is used extensively on the beaches of Brazil.  When the long flowing black hair isn’t going, or the naturally curly blond hair, the pull back seems to suit just about any occasion.

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