Rolling the Fashion Dice with Bold Inspiration

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True creative designers don’t worry about the “fashion police”.  They choose to boldly go where none have gone before (or at least bring life into an older trend).

Through diligent design, in every area that fascinates them, artists expand their innovative horizons, making it possible for them to produce things that are truly unique.  Things that others can also truly enjoy.

The tropical look is quite popular in rural luxury neighborhoods, particularly in Argentina.

Trend designers are most undoubtedly influenced by listening to others, their environments…to nature. South America offers the same things as North America — a variety of terrain, weather patterns, people, and cultures. Some might say that South America has a rich culture simply due to the mixing of old and new school ideas.

Although some designers pleasure themselves on their rigid individualism, other individuals relish in that innovative vitality that can only exist when socializing with others. Amid these designers are Dries van Noten and Consuelo Castiglioni. Although offering fully distinct aesthetics, van Noten and Castiglioni have both attained acclaim by blasting through boundaries, smashing norms, and subsequently raising the bar. This gusto is evidenced in their collections and in their collaborative initiatives alike.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Wearer

As someone who surely “wears” clothes, there is just as much fun in designing your own wardrobe.  When it comes to expressing your individual style, why settle for safe and predictable, when you can be bold and daring? If you don’t want to boxed in with constraints and rules,

 don’t forget you have the unique license to experiment and investigate opportunities that only you could dream up. Immediately after all style, in all its eccentricities is definitely not for the weak-hearted.

To keep up with the quickly moving trends, you really don’t have to consistently update your wardrobe closet.  You simply have to follow the trends and find your own personal edge. In order to get more mileage out of your apparel accessories and components, go ahead and get those creative juices flowing by mixing and matching Latin American style clothes, along with your selection of trendy rings, designer bracelets and custom gold necklaces.

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