The Denim Fashgasm Effect

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Industry scientists are testing women on what their jeans do for them (seriously).

And you’re going to love what they found out.

What is the Fashgasm Effect?

In a modern study performed for the The Designer Jean Organization, women were questioned about a very specific consumer behavior –

How important are your designer jeans to you?

Women gave answers based on a scale of 1 to 10. one getting the minimum excitement. A 10 ranking meant that is was of the utmost significance. The average score was an 8.4.  You might say that they have a fashion orgasm (fashgasm).

Some might feel this degree of importance may be more applicable when referring to something like buying a house, getting married, starting a new job, or even having children, for instance. But for those of us who have seasoned reliable designer denims, we all know that feeling of putting on those perfect jeans. We absolutely love them. Love them. Umm. They are the most need to-have staple in every woman’s wardrobe that can be used from a lunch date with friends, to a kids sports outing, to a very hot night out on the city.

Skinny jeans in the media, skinny jeans everywhere

The Denim Dependency

In the end, there is a really easy clarification for our dependancy to designer denims. It is all about looking wonderful and being unbelievably comfy at the same exact time. Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too?!? This is one thing that we should do for ourselves, and darn it we should have it because 8.4 out of 10 is pretty high up! While a compliment from a husband, boyfriend or even other women who discover how sweet we seem in our designer jeans is often appreciated, it in fact is not about that. We don’t truly require that validation. It’s about our own personal experience, our own feeling of confidence and determination. It’s about feeling all set to take on the world. It is about performing something for ourselves. It is about being aware of that even however you aren’t residing in a castle in the French countryside with Brad Pitt (hi there Angelina Jolie), you can nonetheless spoil oneself a bit even if it costs a truckload for those jeans that you love.

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